The Contemporary Solution for the Storage of Cremated Remains


About Us

iColumbarium provides for the safe storage of the cremated remains of your loved one. This is done in a contemporary way at an affordable price within a climate-controlled environment. The room is under constant surveillance twenty four hours a day. You can visit the room at any time on our website.
  • By purchasing a niche with an urn in one of three sectors, that includes secular, Christian or Buddhist, you will retain the preference of your loved one and also perpetuate their memory.
  • By using our innovative solution of the columbarium, you have the opportunity to hojnor the memory of a loved one even from a long distance away.
  • iColumbarium allows anyone who wishes to honor the memory of a loved one to lay virtual flowers at the urn of a deceased person and to write words of condolences.
Service operated by the Memorial Service LLC

Purchase steps

  • Urn Selection

    Select an urn in the appropriate sector.

  • Payment

    Buy a niche with an urn for $499.

  • Send the parcel

    Send cremation remains via the US postal service.

  • View it online

    You as well as friends and family can see the urn, write condolences, and place flowers.

Buy a niche with an urn for $499

The Contemporary Solution with Traditional Dignity!


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